Our v2 allsky camera was an SBIG ST237A camera and was operational from 2006Dec-2018July. Ever since then we have been toying around with building another system out of existing spare parts and instead of a desktop, laptop or netbook data logging computer, a Raspberry Pi instead.
This pathfinder project was essentially an R&D project to get an operational camera system up and running, write it up and then see if others would like to go ahead and build some as well.
Luckily someone else thought of this first and posted the imeptus for us to follow at: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-All-Sky-Camera/
This project uses a ZWO ASI120MC or equivalent camera, with included wide angle lens, housing and raspberry pi code.
The SCGO system has been mounted and operational since 2019 Dec 03 and work continues on commissioning it. This includes developing a dome heating system as it often condenses and or frosts up and accumulated snow does not normally melt off; programming to create archives, aiming of the housing to include more northern horizon for aurora capture; and more.
Total cost is expected to be under $300Can with most of that being the camera.
To date the system has been very robust with the raspberry pi having an uptime of 12 days since last restart.