This is an image of the imaging laptop screen while I was imaging Jupiter on Sunday morning at 03:32 EDT. Yes.. before sunrise!
I am using an ASI ZWO 290MC camera (uncooled, Usb 2.0) with the program firecapture 2.6.08 64bit on a laptop that is at least middlin’
This was using a 40cm (16″) telescope using only a 12cm (5″) aperture mask. Even so we were getting 29ms exposures at the rate of 34 frames per second (fps) with a total of 4153 frames over a total of 120 seconds.
Seeing was poor, transparency was poor.
autoalign and debayer are turned on.
On the display one could hardly see any surface details.

A little while later I moved on to Saturn. Here the exposure time was 127ms with a fps of 7 and a total of 940 frames.
You can barely make out the Cassini division in this image. Post processing looks a lot better!