There were great plans afoot to image the planets this long weekend: Friday Saturday and Sunday evenings.
Friday evening, the observatory was opened, the scope cooled down, and were just about to align it to Mars… when the clouds rolled in. And boy did they roll in. Could not see a hint or spec of Mars, at Magnitude -2.6

Saturday was better, albeit very windy. And the wind did not die down. I eventually closed 1/2 of the roof, which helped a little but not a lot. This is from the summary of all runs that night:

I called it very poor seeing and poor transparency that night.

Sunday night was better. Less wind, colder air but sill poor seeing and poor transparency. I had also removed the x2.5 barlow in favour of the x2 barlow, for better focusing and better contrast.

I made only 4 runs Sunday, each run about 20K individual images and used the best 5% of them to get this: