Mars Wednesday evening. It was unexpectedly somewhat clear, at least in the direction of Mars, last night. A lot of cloud all around, affecting other imagers to some degree.
This was a run of 8, approx 180seconds each, shorter for the initial run as usual.

Identifying features: I used to use the Sky and Telescope Mars Previewer, but it is finicky to time zone settings and often confusing. Since then I have started to use the

British Astronomical Association Mars Mapper. One issue I have with it, it does not seem to allow a north-south switch. I image with north up, it shows south up. I also looked at Stellarium, but do not believe it shows correct surface features for the time.

S&T Mars Previewer


BAA Mars Mapper

The southern pole ice cap shows a little. The lighter colour of the northern hemisphere is the Tharsus region, with Olympus Mons (not really showing detail). The darker southern hemisphere contains features such as Solis Lacus but again you can’t really identify in these low resolution images.
Of these three, the BAA is the only one to overlay names, which is very handy when you are first getting used to the topography.

Since then I have also started to use the Sky&Tel Mars Previewer again, this time setting it to UTC time. It seems to work better and I will go back to using it to compare what I image to what is supposed to be reality.

Lastly, the 8 images animated together: