Mars on the cold evening of Saturday Nov 14th. It was already -6C but clear and relatively stable air. To get around the postprocessing overexposure of the last few nights, these were underexposed on purpose, down to about the 70% level on firecapture histogram.

The BAA Mars Mapper has South up but otherwise is helpful in identifying surface features.

Only two 5 minute imaging runs were completed that evening. This is the animated .gif of the two together. This is with a x2 barlow and as you can see, the absolute pixel size of Mars is small and getting smaller. We have heard of other imagers using up to x5 barlows (with a subsequent 25 times less light than no barlow at all), so that means you need a bigger telescope. That means I still need a bigger telescope.
Syrtis Minor is approaching the centre with Hellas towards the bottom left and Syrtis Major on the far left.