Best 5% of 4K frames

It has been a typical November month of cloud.. but we were able to get outside Tuesday evening and image the now very very low altitude Jupiter.

This is the best 5% of the 4000 frames taken in 180 seconds.

This was taken at 22:28 UTC on 2020Dec15th, or 17:28 EST.
Jupiter is only 13 degrees above the horizon and has an apparent diameter of 33.4 arc seconds, much smaller than just a few months ago.
In addition there was the outer edges of a cloud front coming up from the south, adding to the poor transparency and poor seeing.

Best 10% of 4K frames
This is the same image but processed with the best 10% of the 4000 frames.
More data means a better date to noise ration and a little bit cleaner image

Finally this is the same image processed with 50% of the 4000 frames
Best 50% of 4K frames
Here we get more of the bad frames as part of the final image.
Lastly, since I did not get a chance to annotate these images
here is an image of the setup used.