Yes.. another astronomy post… well.. it just snowed again yesterday and went down to -7C this morning.. so gardening season is not quite here yet.
So.. onto RadioAstronomy!
On sunday morning at 08:30EDT, the data intensity levels from this radiojove receiver (now operating for 10 years 24/7), went from approx 1.5K to 31K. turning on a speaker brought forth noise. loud noise. Eventually the unit was brought inside and taken apart. No evident damage inside (ie no exploded capacitors, burnt components, etc).
Plugged it into 12vdc power and inserted headphones and turned it on… NOISE!
wow. ok.. that is the issue then. Not the USB sound adapter, not the laptop, not the antenna.
Checking the power supply first.. hmm only shows 11.1VDC without a load. That seems a little low.
Lets replace that first and see what happens… now rooting through bins of power adapters….

**Update 2021April02
After testing the 12vdc power adapter, and then testing another (spare) one at 12.56vdc, the spare power supply worked! The old power supply failed! The radiojove system is operational again as of Friday afternoon with what looks like good data, and good levels.