Its Solar Flare Season again!
This note came from the Radiojove email list from John Avellone, Shenandoah Valley Virginia/West Virginia):
“More solar activity @ 20MHz. Attached chart for 200330 – 200730 shows the RSP VI/1 bursts associated with a C8.5 XRA flare.”
This is his data:

John Avellone, Shenandoah Valley Virginia/West Virginia) USA

This prompted us to go back to our own Radiojove system and extract the image below from roughly the same time frame. Yes! Confirmation again!
Since that analysis, we’ve increased the number of X and Y axis ticks to help more easily identify timings, and the master reference as to when and how big the flare was comes from

As another point of information, we have been trying to determine the beam width of the dual dipole antenna. This flare helps. At 20:06 UTC = 16:06 EDT the sun’s azimuth was 244 deg, which is 244-180=64 degrees west of south.
Symmetrically this should mean the dipole beam is at least 64*2=128 degrees wide.

SCGO Yarker Ontario Canada