The allskypi camera upgrade from 0.6 to 0.8 took about 10 minutes and the new software is *amazeballs*

A new web GUI interface for settings which has more info about the settings, the much better dark frames at temps from 23-30C. Unfortunately, I covered the dome with a dark hoodie jacket and that actually insulated enough and blocked the vents enough that the sensor temp actually rose through the night instead of dropping.

Will have to do it again with a smaller black cover that does not cover vents. even so the resulting dark frame at the actual temperature is doing a much better job at removing hot pixels than before.

I will now look at adding outdoor temp and humidity as well to each image.
Two quick sample shots from this morning.

The first at 05:33:06, before dark frames, 60sec exposure, hot pixels EVERYWHERE

The second, at 05:40:27, after using a dark frame taken at 29C, a much better image.

Orion is just on the bottom, Capella near the centre. Cassiopeia near the upper right.

Can’t tell if that is M31 Andromeda Galaxy or not.. there was a lot of cloud starting to come up from the south.

Regulus and Leo are over to the left side. The Big Dipper/Plough upper left.

Great first light results!

The woman on the presentation, Linda Thomas-Fowler, spent about $650USD on the project, mainly for buying a higher end ASI camera, and a new raspberry pi 4, etc. If you had spare bits lying about it would be more on the order of $100-200Can

software project available here:

Will be trying to get more dark frames tonight once the sensor temp goes below what we already have… 23C