After doing the barlow test, I moved ahead to try Jupiter out again…
with the max x3 barlow (which turned out to have dust spots, so it too
is now inside for cleaning).

So this is quite impressive in target size… 1800mm focal length x3 =
5400mm. Somewhere around 600 pixels in diameter (after a x1.5 drizzle
pixel increase by interpolation with autostakkert!3)

Focusing is still difficult and could be better.

this is a 180 second imaging run at 30ms frames (about 33fps) with the
new firecapture beta software, no debayer in firecapture,
autostakkert!3 that does the debayering for colour, the best 25% of 6k
frames and wavelet processed in registax.

North is up and the colour balance is still out.. not sure if it is
something related to my thoughts the camera is broken in some way or
not. I plan on getting another, better planetary camera and it will be
good to have two for compare and contrast purposes.