More commissioning attempts at solving the bad colour. This is the results of processing 39 runs (more actually, some were very bad and not included) through PIPP (.ser to .avi and centered and cropped), autostakkert!3 and using the best 25% of those images, then finally through registax wavelet processing for sharpening. This was using two cameras again, the ZWO ASI 224MC and 290MC, in an attempt to nail down the root cause. My initial suspicion was the 290MC camera, but the borrowed 224 MC camera showed the same issues. So it was not the camera…
Seeing was Kevin’s scale of 1=DISGUSTING. A variety of barlows was also used. The issue appears to be in the whole debayering settings in firecapture, the cameras and how they get interpreted.
Thanks to Mark D. whose help was instrumental in troubleshooting, with a second camera to isolate variables and simplify the system for testing one at a time.
We may need to buy a 2nd camera just to have on hand when more testing is needed!