Both our SuperSID and RadioJove radio telescope systems were down the last few days. SuperSID required a lot of going back and reviewing the software from first principles and eventually it was back up and running .. with a few new features.
We are running Nathan Towne’s SIDMON v2 on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B and have finally managed to get a 2nd station (NLK, Jim Creek Washington State) online…
As a 2nd bonus we got the code that goes out to the NOAA and grabs the Solar Flare events, and annotates them over the data:
We are still validating this NOAA annotation but it is certainly nice to have it!

RadioJove was a little trickier… the speakers were silent and the data was flatlining. After days of troubleshooting we believe the issue started with the addition of a USB webcam with mic, new audio drivers, and the audio path disrupted such that RadioJove was not hearing any audio levels at all from the RJ receiver.

The audio recording feature of Radio Skypipe is also working again… so let’s hope there will be some X-class flares soon!