The province of Ontario installed timeofuse power metering some years ago. The current government has given the option of consumers to go back to a flat rate system as well, whichever is to there advantage.

Bypassing all of that for the moment. The current 2022 June summer rates are:
offpeak 8.2, midpeak 11.3 and onpeak 17 cents/kwh
Seems now bad right? Well, this does not include the other charges…
delivery to our home, regualtory charges and HST
These add another 60% to the bare cost of generating the power in the first instance.

So the true rates of power delivery to our home are:
offpeak 13.2, midpeak 18.1 and onpeak 27 cents/kwh

Note: this does *NOT* include a provincial rebate of 24% as that may disappear at any time.

One encouraging note is that there are rumours that the Ontario government has ordered Hydro One to look at creating a 4th timeofuse rate, “superoffpeak” for overnight use, perhaps in anticipation of more and more electric plugin vehicles charging at home overnight.
We wait with baited breath!