**Updated 2022June20 – other astronomers at the Lennox Addington Dark Sky Site also saw this visually and captured a couple of images. Way to go!

Well.. that was a really strange one. I was just packing up and shutting down the observatory and walking back when I noticed a slow moving bright spot overheard in the sky. Perhaps light a lit up small cloud? There also seemed to be a trail like a spotlight? running into the NE. I thought not much of it until this morning. I pulled the allsky1 frames and Wow! What the *@#$^(@#$ was that?
Apparently it started much earlier near the western horizon, was much more compact.
These exposures are 60 seconds, the moon had just come up as well. North is up, East left, West right.
A small .mp4 can be seen here:

Frame by frame:

02:11:01 EDT nothing to show

02:12:00 nothing to show

02:13:00 first appearance of a “normal” satellite trail in the lower right

02:13:59 a short trail and a brighter endpoint

02:14:59 the original trail continues but there is also a fan spreading into the north.. AND a trail that seems to immediately extend to the NNE

02:15:59. The original trail continues, the separate fan to the north (above) i fainter, and the trail across the entire sky continues. This is about where I spotted it first visually.

02:16:58 The original tail continues strong, the north fan has almost disappeared

02:17:58 The northern fan has disappeared (almost), the original trail has expanded in width and length, and the trail that runs across the sky seems to be concentrating more.

02:18:58 Now overhead


02:20:57 coincidentally on a like with the Rogers Cell Tower


02:22:56 almost done

02:23:57 almost behind the cell tower

02:25:55 last image showing the original trail cloud

02:25:55 just the tiniest blob showing

Some attributes match up with a spacecraft fuel dump, but others do not.
The north fan is on quite a vector away from the base orbital path.
When the bright event happens near the beginning, how can another light trail be *ahead* of the event, all the way to the other horizon?