This is one of the better images of Jupiter on Saturday morning

Seeing I judged to be average, transparency average or a little lower.

08:30 UTC = 04:30 EDT.

The Great Red Spot is past central meridian and moving left to right.

The Jovian moon Europa is in the lower right moving left to right.

I managed to add some more details from the firecapture generated .txt file annotated onto the image, namely the airmass, altitude, CMI indexes (longitude data of Jupiter), Apparent Diameter and the total frames captured. Only the best 10% were used to generate the still image.

An animated video was created out of the 27 runs of the morning, with the first one or two showing a lot of digital noise because they were only 30 second runs, not 180 second runs… less data, more noise.

Also attached is the video. A curiousity… It shows 4 objects rotating around the planet. I use Stellarium as by source of information to identify the Jovian moons in aimages after the fact. Lower right moving away: Europa. Upper right moving in: Io

The lower left moving in and upper left moving out I cannot identify!

Stellarium shows that Ganymede is in the upper left but much farther away from the planet than it shows.

Nothing comes up for the lower left object moving in.

I thought of background stars moving but I rarely if ever pick up stars in these 10-20ms exposures.

Does anyone else have a handy and easy to use reference for information like this?

Lastly, some more dust motes appear in a few frames in the middle… have to clean the camera again!