From the morning of Friday 2022 Sept 02 after doing some runs of imaging Saturn.
As it turns out, this 4 or 5th imaging session, the exposure started to drop and it has turned out NOT to be bad transparency over Lake Ontario but rather the secondary mirror dewing up.
This was good to know. During the day we added a 25″ dew heating strap to the outside of the OTA near the primary mirror. This will help keep it from dewing up and hopefully some heat on the interior will waft up the OTA and help keep the secondary from dewing up later tonight.
The Great Red Spot had just past center and was heading off the field of view. 36 runs in total were completed, most under mirror dewup conditions.
After cleaning the optics, there were still some dust motes that came along.

Tests were completed with the best 10%, 25% and 40% and the best 10% were used for these images.