I think I am behind the lot of you, in that last night was my first look at Comet C/2022 E3 (ztf).

Kim was also out using the 20cm dobsonian telescope and let me take a peek. Hmmp.. small faint fuzzy.

My Mark I eyeballs just aint what they used to be.

So I brought out a tripod, the Canon T7I DSLR and the stock 75-300mm zoom lens, manually focussed, manually triggered the shutter and took a series of 10 sec exposures at ISO 12800.

This attached image is one of the last one I took as I was getting cold, outside, in pajamas ?

That’s the Hyades and Aldebaran near the centre and a green fuzzy off to its left. The lens was at about 105mm and NO tracking remember!

I also took a series of darks and hope to try various deep sky stacking and processing software this week, just to see what the heck the rest of you are doing!