For wide field astrophotography I do not believe I have seen anything better!

Attached is a 4 min exposure by nightsight, which stacks the moving bits only. Here you see looking West the Hyades, Mars, the Pleiades and Mercury down in the lower right below the powerlines.

This shows Sirius, Orion, the Hyades, Mars and the Pleiades.. another 4 minute run by the smartphone on a tripod with an adapter.

The last photo is looking East. I was hoping for Gegenshine? Goolefaloza? Ahhhh

A faint glowing spot or region in the sky, occasionally visible exactly opposite the position of the sun, consisting of sunlight scattered by interplanetary dust particles.

I think this may be it. The Kingston light pollution dome is normally centred on the tree on the far right of the image.