We finally found a macro recording mouse program that allowed us to record the mouse strokes and clicks required to click on the Connect button in CCDOps, click on the “take Image” tab and then click on “Takes Series”.
The workstation powers up automatically every evening around 8pm EDT, with CCDOps in the startup folder, also automatically starting.
The program is set to take 200 images at 120 second exposures each and the Peltier cooler is also set to automatically turn on and attempt to hit the set point of -30degC once the software connects to the camera.

Last night was the first standalone test .. and it failed 🙁 I forgot to set the cron job to start at 22:00 UT time .. instead I had it set to start at 22:00 EDT local time. That will be corrected tonight and hopefully in the morning we will have a completely automated setup for imaging the night sky.20090608-02

Updated: 20090710 – failed again last night.. will have to monitor it in realtime to see what is going on tonight.