We’ve had a few short power outages thanks to passing lightning storms plus some outages of the main data logging workstation we have that are a little mysterious. After looking at it for a bit, we think the problem was an old UPS that the system was plugged into, that just decided to turn itself off every so often. So a new UPS was in order. After comparing prices at Future Shop and Best Buy, we found a good APC BackUPS N700 at Costco for $90. The next nearest from the competitors was a BackUPS 550 for over $100.

The radioroom system was shut down, the old UPS came out, the new UPS went in and everything came back up again.
The weather station came up by itself (never a problem); the FM Meteor Detection system needed to be manually started, as does the Solar Radio Telescope software.
The wireless router and power to the weather station also went onto the UPS… hopefully no more wireless disconnects for the forseeable future.
The intent here is to simply prevent problems caused by the really short disruptions in power.