Just over two years ago, rogue bunnies ate through our ethernet cat 5 cable to the observatory. It was spliced together and wrapped up in the cold of the winter and not looked at since.
Just days after the allsky camera automation was complete (about a week ago), the connection failed.
Corrosion was the primary cause, what with two years of weather attacking spliced cables with electrical tape and a plastic bag to protect it.
This evening it was cut back, respliced and better protected with a plastic container.20090722-05-800
Success! Full remote access to the workstations in the observatory and to the allsky workstation specifically.

Updated July 23. Well, that last all of a few hours. network dropouts and short and long term disconnections… maybe a bad network switch.
Updated July 25. A new network switch seems to have fixed all problems. Connectivity is back and we had 178 good images from the camera last night.