Wednesday Nov 2nd saw us install a new dew shield for the LX200 made from camping foamy mattress and duct tape:) That and a 12vdc 1amp power supply to run the 12watt heater wrapped around the corrector plate and we were able to image for about 2 hours.

Of course it was warm enough that there probably wasn’t any dew to speak of!

The air was turbulent and windy enough that we thought the too-large dew shield was acting as a sail and wobbling the scope around, so we took that off as we were imaging the moon.

That did not help… the images were still showing a lot of distortion and “rolling” during the very short exposures.

All in all a good observing run. tracking was excellent but pointing was off (had to move about a degree to the first target, the moon and about a degree for Jupiter later on).