On December 16th, 2011 the laptop computer running the radiojove data logger had a hard drive failure. The Radiojove system continues to run but nothing has been logged or recorded since then… up until a couple of days ago.
We had no spare laptop with a working audio port so it wasn’t until this week that a new netbook was ordered and we were able to bump some systems around and get our first generation netbook hooked into the system.
The netbook is inside the environmental case in the observatory and so far looks quite toasty warm in our -10 C conditions. The last few days have been spent reconfiguring all of the complex system to get data logging, audio logging, audio conversion of .wav to .mp3, ftp uploads to this website, creation of the last 24 images on one page and more.
As of this (Saturday) morning, it looks like it is all operational again.
The netbook is running Windows7 starter, 1gb RAM, 250gb drive and an intel atom N450 single core two thread CPU @ 1.66GHz. These specs are certainly better than the old laptop that was previously installed.
One big downside is that windows 7 starter does not come with remote desktop hosting ability, so we were forced to switch over to ultravnc, which does not come with local audio capability.
the upshot is that we can no longer tune in from inside the house to listen to the live audio feed, we can only listen to the audio capture after the fact of loud events.