We attached a UPS to the radiojove system last night (netbook data recorder only, first), only to have the external netbook power supply fail and 7 hours after that the battery was drained and it shut down.
Once that gets fixed, we’ll attach the radiojove receiver as well and all will be good.

Jupiters declination in mid 2010 (when we assembled the antennas) is approx 0 degrees and is increasing. It’s elevation based on our latitude of approx 45 degrees will be approx 45 degrees and increasing.

The optimum antenna height above ground for 40-55 degrees is 15′, so we assembled the mast for that height.

JEA=JupiterElevationAngle; AH=AntennaHeight
2010 Jul1 JEA=45deg AH=15′
2011 Jan1 JEA=43deg AH=15′
2011 Jul1 JEA=56deg AH=10′
2012 Jan1 JEA=55deg AH=15′
2012 Jul1 JEA=65deg AH=10′
2013 Jan1 JEA=65deg AH=10′

It looks like it is time this spring to lower the antennas down from 15′ to 10′