CAVE Memorial Lecture

Location: Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Stirling Hall Theatre D, Bader Lane, Queen’s University
Thursday March 29th, 2012 8pm.
Chris Impey (University of Arizona) CAVE lecturer
“The Search for Life in the Universe – Are we alone in the Universe?”

Free admission, refreshments following.

Scientists are closing in on an answer to one of the biggest questions in science: are we alone in the universe? This talk will be an overview of the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology. Recent research has yielded insights into the origin and amazing pervasiveness of life on Earth, it has led to the discovery of over 600 extrasolar planets, and it has motivated ways of detecting microbial or intelligent life elsewhere. With over a hundred million habitable worlds in the Milky Way alone, and the ingredients for life widespread, it would be remarkable if Earth hosted the only biological experiment.