6mb .avi video
Another fireball was recorded at the Starlight Cascade Observatory on the morning of Friday October 5th, 2012. In Universal Time (UT) the event started at 05:26:28 and ran for 12 seconds. In Local Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) it started at 01:26:28.. and still ran for 12 seconds 🙂

Our allsky1 camera system did not pick up this event as all. As you can see from the image in and around the time period, half thesky was washed out by the moon in its 90 second exposure.

Even if allsky1 did capture the event, we would have had to check for the possibility that it was a local aircraft or International Space Station Pass, because we would not have know the event duration. Allsky2 tells us the event lasted 12 seconds. Local aircraft and even the ISS take more than 12 seconds.. much more! to cross from overhead to the far east (almost 1/2 the sky).