20130314a-37-cometpanstarrs Canon A495, 15sec f5.8 iso 400 at 20:23 EDT

20130314b-25-cometpanstarrs Canon A2400IS, 5 sec f4.5 iso 800 at 20:20 EDT

Thursday March 14th, 2013 we went out to suddenly clear skies around 20:00edt to the transit of venus observing site south of newburgh. There is a communication tower being put up on the site!
But it was to the south of where we wanted to look for the comet and did not get in the way.

There was a good view to the west. I never saw the comet naked eye but Kim and Hank managed to pull it out of the mush. Very low to the horizon, less than five degrees. A nice sight after a few years of nothing. Comet Holmes and McNaught were the last two that I can remember.

It was cold (-5C) and windy coming out of the west right into our faces. We waited for the comet to set and packed up and headed home to the woodstove.

You can find more comet info here: http://www.aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html