While walking through the park the other day(2013 March 11), I noted that the City of Kingston was in the process of replacing the sidewalk lighting fixtures through the park pathways from an older mostly full cutoff sodium light to a newer full cutoff LED light.

Resize of 20130311a-06-cityparkledThe old sodium style mostly full cut off light

Resize of 20130311a-04-cityparkledThe old (silver) and new (black)

Resize of 20130311a-09-cityparkledBigger spacing between fixtures as well

Resize of 20130311a-02-cityparkledThe new LED light

Resize of 20130311a-07-cityparkledThe new LED full cutoff light

Resize of 20130311a-08-cityparkledThe new LED light

We will have to go through at night and wee what the results are.