We are working on making the RASC-KC’s 20cm LX200GPS accessible remotely to members of the Centre.
One of the many issues was a digital camera. They are expensive and all of the ones currently in inventory are of another generation and generally don’t work well or at all with windows7, lpt ports, com1 ports, etc. This Digi-Eyepiece is the first one to have worked at all. The downside is that it gives in conjunction with the f10 focal ratio of the telescope with a focal length of 2000mm, a very very small field of view.
So today I installed an f6.3 focal reducer and field flattener. This will give a wider field of view, make it easier to actually find the target and be able to image larger objects.

Resize of IMG_4606“before”

Resize of IMG_4607The f6.3 focal reducer

Resize of IMG_4608Remove the focuser

Resize of IMG_4609Remove the locking ring

Resize of IMG_4610Install the focal reducer

Resize of IMG_4611Add locking ring

Resize of IMG_4612

Now we just need some clear skies to refocus the coarse focus and test out the system.