Yay! After first joining the effort on April 12, 1999, 1:58 pm
Over 13 years now dedicated to signal processing radio telescope data.

We have gained a few more spots in Canada:
2012 November: 199 out of 48,069
2013 March: 163 out of 48,069

and in all of SETI
2012 November: 3,935 out of 1,342,720
2013 March: 3,393 out of 1,374,686

And some interesting seti@home news:

Server Relocation
We are moving most of our servers to a colocation facility with better cooling, power, and network, which should improve uptime in general. This procedure will start on Monday, April 1st at 08:00 (PDT) and should take 3 days to complete, during which our entire project will be unavailable. 20 Mar 2013

From an older post back in 2012 November.

An update on our seti@home progress.

It will be slow going from here on out, as the top crunchers tend to have faster machines.
Not sure where this is going in the future.. the novelty has long since worn off, there appear to be no hard successful results. Already there have been times when the increase in home computing has outstripped the servers ability to serve data and they run out! This will only get worse in the future. I haven’t even really gotten add on Graphic Processing Units up and running yet!