Really! It is a good friday!
Tonight at 21:00 Eastern is the first CFL football game in two weeks for the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Calgary. After Saskatchewan tromps on Calgary (#2 team in the league), maintaining its #1 spot in the league, the game will be over sometime around midnight local time and then we can head outdoors to view some of the early Perseid meteors.

Meteors showers are generally always better after midnight, as the observer on the earth has turned into traffic as it were, facing the oncoming rocks rather than being “behind” the planet, in the lee of the shower.

This image below is a compilation of the 2012 Perseid meteor shower as seen during the peak of August 11/12, as seen from the Allsky2 Camera system, aka the UWO#10 camera.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be as active!

And we note that the University of Western Ontario Allsky camera network has expanded to 11 cameras, located at ES FOX.

The ES Fox Observatory is in the far northwest of the operational area, out on the Bruce Peninsula in Southern Ontario, near Wiarton, Ontario.