We had three cloud free moon free nights of Perseid meteor shower observing this year, the best ever!
Better yet, the allsky cameras caught a lot of them as well.
Here are summary images from the three nights:

ev_summary201308102013 August 09/10 (Fri/Sat)

ev_summary201308112013 August 10/11 (Sat/Sun)

ev_summary201308122013 August 11/12 (Sun/Mon)

The first two nights (Sat morn, Sun morn) we stay up late and started observing at midnight for 1 to 2 hours.
It was tough because we had things to do and places to go in the morning and could not sleep in.
This morning (Monday) we changed strategies and went to sleep early and got up at 03:00 to observer for 2 hours. It worked! The evening and overnight clouds had cleared away and we were treated to a *LOT* of meteors.
Mon/Tue was clouded out. Tue/Wed was clouded out with rain.