The 14th annual Fall’N’Stars Star Party was held this past weekend (Friday to Sunday 2013 September 6-8) at the Boy Scout Camp Sagonska near Thomasberg Ontario. 25 people attended and we were pretty much clouded and rained out.

It did clear up however on Sunday morning just before Sunrise and we did get to do some solar, planetary and stellar observing.

We had talks on Saturday afternoon (Rick Wagner, Kevin Kell), a group photo, several rocket launches (who knew pressurized water could work so well?), we brought in dinner, had door prizes and then watched movies. It was a good day. Especially since again, everyone went home with a door prize!
The photo contest entries were low this year… only one person and two images. Guess who won the framed hubble poster?

Because of the weather, many headed home that evening.

We managed to clean up and lock up before noon on Sunday.
Fall’N’Stars is hosted by Astronomy Clubs from Belleville and Kingston Ontario.