Sunday morning 2013 November 03, there was a solar eclipse, in progress as the sun rose that morning.

In any event we were onsite (a nearby hill with a good view to the eastern horizon) at 06:12 EST and packed up at 07:11 EST

First view of the Sun coming out of the clouds: 07:01:33 EST
First sighting of Moon on the Sun: 07:04:22 EST
Last sighting of Moon: 07:11:20 EST
Total observed eclipse length: 06:58

We recorded the event with a Sony Handycam equipped with a Baader solar filter but am running into processing issues with software to try and pull out still images and to edit the huge video files down to a usable size.

Here are some still images captured from the video:

Two shorter videos of the event are available as well:

  • 52 seconds near the beginning of the event: (07:04:14 est to 07:05:04 est.) approx 1MB

  • 29 seconds near the end of the event: (07:09:45 est to 07:10:13 est) approx 2MB