0304_307_33560_MapOn Monday evening 2014 March 03 the Asteroid Nike (307) will occult the star TYC 0642-01123-1

UT Time: 01:54:05 Tuesday 2014 March 04 (subtract 5 hours for EST)
Location: Areas north of Kingston to Perth Star Magnitude 9.7, max duration 1.7 seconds.

Plugging in the numbers of our location into Stellarium, we get an approximate azimuth of 262 degrees (just a little south of west) and an altitude of approx 20 degrees.

The bad news is that this means we will not be able to use the telescope we had planned on, as the house and trees are in the way.
That means going mobile, which means more power issues, more setup issues, etc.

Updated 2014 March 04
Too &^#*$ cold and windy out. missed the occultation. approx -19C with a wind from the west, coming right up into your face.
Here’s hoping that Regulus on March 20 will be much warmer!