rasckccolorlogo2012oct14-200The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Kingston Centre met last night, Thursday 2014 February 13th in Ellis Hall Room 324 at Queen’s University.
We finally returned to our regular room in Ellis Hall Room 324 by construction occurring over the past year.

Our Guest Speaker: Dr. Bruce Macintosh (Stanford University and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California) spoke on
“Pictures of Other Worlds: Directly Imaging Extrasolar Planets”
with the Gemini Telescope (South) (Chile).
Not only are they directly imaging extrasolar planets, they are commissioning a $24 million instrument that can take spectra of the planets, indicating atmospheric composition. Amazing!

Other presentations from:
Brian Hunter: 163 Erigone
Richard Wagner: 163 Erigone
Richard Wiegand: Luna 3
Bruce Elliott: Depot Lakes

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm and all in all it was a good meeting with a good turnout of 30 people, many of which we have not seen in some time.