Meteors have been in the news recently, so I have added the last two “spectacular” meteors that the allsky2 camera system have seen recently.

On Monday 2014 March 17 06:39:00 UTC (this time is in the middle of an 8 second event)

North is down, west is left, south is up.
The meteor started in the north and ended up in the west. There was distinct fragmentation near the end of the trip.
We were in daylight saving time so 06:39 UTC is 02:39 EDT Monday morning.
We have not seen any reports on this particular meteor on nor on
It has been submitted to the AMS.

Perhaps just a very quiet time of night for people.

The most recent event was last night, 20140319 02:32:33 UTC or
Tuesday 2014 March 18th at 22:32:33 EDT

This was a shorter 3 second event starting in the north and headed north.
This was reported in
It has been submitted to the AMS.

There was a similar event report 8 minutes earlier but much farther west that our camera just barely picked up. It was 20140319 at 02:24:24 UTC