This is a short 10 second video of Jupiter and its four Galilean moons using the system we hope to capture the occultation of Regulus Thursday morning around 02:06 EDT.
From Jupiter outward:
Jupiter Magnitude -1.88
Europa Mag 6.17
Io Mag 5.88
Callisto Mag 6.50
Ganymede Mag 5.49

This enabled us to measure a Field of View with the far edge of Jupiter to Ganymede being about 5 minutes of arc across. The FOV for the original frame was approx 18 minutes wide by 14 minutes high.
This video was compressed with Handbrake and it actually cropped off some of the edges.
The video posted here (before any alterations from the web site, was 14 minutes wide by 10 minutes high.

The next video is of the target for tomorrow, the star Regulus at Mag 1.35. The star nearby (TYC833-134-1) is Mag 8.15

The GPS time inserter shows from left to right, the UT time in hours minutes seconds and on the right the sequence frame number.
The inside set of two numbers is supposed to be the milliseconds of the beginning of the frame and the milliseconds of the end of the frame.

Thanks to Brian for the loan of this VTI (Video Time Inserter) unit!