The Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance 2 system was completely rebuilt from the ground up.
A reused computer (Windows 7, Intel atom 1.6GHZ processor, 2GB ddr2 RAM) was put together and install in the garage, away from the noisy RF environment in the radioroom (other computers, radios, etc).
The SID2 antenna, receiver and data logging multimeter were also moved out into the garage.
This provides it with some separation distance from the other systems and protection from the elements.
Initially results look good, a better signal from NAA in Cutler Maine at 24.0 KHz with our directional antenna aimed east/west.

Last data before the move
This was the graph from the 24 hours ending 2014 March 22

First data after the move

This was the graph from the 24 hours ending 2014 March 24

The gain had to be readjusted as did the Y axis scale. It will be a few days before everything settles down and we can work on the automated data processing scripts.
In addition, usb cable extensions were no longer needed between the serial-usb adapter to the computer. Everything is a little simpler.
We also found a broken antenna lead during the move, probably occurring earlier and probably caused by two cats racing around the house. the antenna should be safer now that it is in an area not designated as a racetrack.