Three nights in a row now we have had somewhat clear skies, temperatures above 0C and no snow falling from the sky.
The image above is of Jupiter from Wednesday 2014 April 02 in an imaging session that ran from around 21:00-21:30 EDT
The only surface features are the two cloud bands.

The details:
20cm f10 LX200 GPS with a 6cm aperture mask with bad tracking.
About 200 frames captured with Handyavi and stored on the netbook controlling the telescope.
After the fact processing used Registax v6.1
67/165 frames were actually used.
After that the image was cropped down to 250×250 pixels and posted here.

Stellarium info:
Jupiter: Azimuth 243 deg; Altitude 55 deg; Magnitude -1.78; apparent diameter 39.2 arcseconds