jupiter_20151031_053650_g4_ap4_Drizzle15_convIt’s been awhile, but we made it outside this morning around 05:00 EDT to do some planetary observing and imaging before the clouds came in.

I ended up using the Meade SC 102mm scope mounted in the SCG Observatory on a pier. It was the first scope I used with the zwo asi 120mc camera a year ago and going back to it felt like old home week.

The focus was extremely stiff.
Has anyone dismantled an SC focus? I am thinking some lithium grease on the threads would help but do not know offhand how much dismantling it will need to get there.

It was warm inside the observatory with the roll off roof half closed and the doors closed. Much better than sitting outside in a folding chair and folding table.

This is the 2nd last image run of Jupiter, taken at 05:36, 30 seconds in total, 2640 frames, 75% of the best used .
11ms exposures. Magnitude -1.8, diameter 33″
Forgot to turn on the debayer feature so there is a lot of crosshatching artifacts .
Processed with autostakkert2! v2.5.1.18 and increased pixels/drizzled x1.5