Another attempted Jupiter imaging session Wednesday evening.. I know I know, up against “Survivor!”

There was high passing cloud that “Clear Outside” said was 2%. Ha! It sure was lit up by the sun and again, the autoguide lost track of Jupiter with the lit up passing clouds. I started imaging at 19:30 EDT (sun was still up). The first two runs went ok, then all the rest until 20:04 had to be thrown out. I continued until 20:40 when a bad refocus attempt lost Jupiter, lost autoguiding, and it was time to close down and have a nightcap.

This was the best of the evening, and yes that is the Great Red Spot coming into view… pretty bad all in all.

I had to give up the RGB autobalance until at least 20:20 EDT as the sky was so bright blue that any autocorrection heavily skewed it into the orange again. Pointing and tracking are a little better after a realignment earlier in the week.

Looking forward to this evening. Two competing forecasts.. will see which is correct!