The Transit of Mercury is coming up soon and we are still scrambling to put together a tracking telescope mount in case we have to go travelling to get out of bad weather.
We picked up a used Celestron Nexstar BT mount two years ago at Starfest and are only now getting it into operation.
We had a broken Meade DS90 refractor mount gear, so are attempting to blend together that OTA with its mounting ring, and a used dovetail bar we also had.
So the hole was drilled, the bolt placed and assembled.
So far so good.

The mount ring needed a new 1/4″ hole in the centre in order to put a 1/4 x20 bolt through to the dovetail.
As it turns out the ring was made of thin aluminum and in any event you cannot connect to threaded pieces together as the threads will not line up, achieving only a loose fit.




Looking through where the telescope Optical Tube Assembly would go showed a problem… the head of the bolt was a little too high and would impact/dent the telescope.
So a little more drilling to allow the hole to take a tapered head bolt and presto chango, we are ready to attach the telescope to the dovetail assembly and then to the mount itself.