Went outside to clear skies and a bit of a wind to test out the celestron nextar GT mount.

In the meantime I fired up a new beta of firecapture and did a 15 image run of Jupiter from 21:08 to 21:36 EDT.

90 second runs, 30 seconds between runs, 120 second cycle. average of about 32ms exposures. Used the autoalign and autoguide features of firecapture and they worked great! 100% No lost runs.
Saw a moon shadow transiting Jupiter, Bonus!

will help to identify which moon. 21:08 EDT = 01:08 UT
Looks like Ganymede’s shadow… If confirmed, this will be my first Ganymede shadow! Mostly it is Io and Europa.

Seeing was poor, transparency was poor, wind was mild, temps were cool, bugs were gone! a few mosquitoes and lots of black flies out since we get home to after sunset. The black flies are just starting to bite.
Used the best 75% of the images, then castrated them down to 400×400 pixelsm then autostakkert!ered them, then registaxed with rgb autocolourbalance and my jupiter wavelet settings, then finally ran them through the annotation script to add north and rotation overlay, filename with UT datetimestamp and equipment.