Mars_20160624_012448_Exposure=14.png-annotatedWe went out Thursday evening 2016 June 23rd after sunset.. ie 21:00EDT! wow!

Found Mars pretty quickly and ran 10 imaging sessions from 01:11 UT to 01:28UT.. only 17 minutes!

And that was because of the hungry bity hordes of mosquitos. Ich!

The sky was barely into twilight and there was still a lot of haze in the target area (transparency=poor).

Seeing was also poor as Mars was jumping around like crazy. Thank goodness for software based compensation!

These are the best 50% of approx 3600 images taken in each 60 second run, with an exposure in the region of 14ms.

The Mars Previewer II program tells me that the Central Meridian is 207.39 and that some of the features are:

Syrtis Major dark blob in the lower left of the planet and Utopia on the upper left.
Mars rotates much slower than Jupiter and in the 17 minutes in the imaging session, there is not a lot of rotation visible: