Early this morning at approx 03:07:12 EDT (07:07:12 UTC) we had a good, bright bolide/fireball, and even better it was right overhead, and even better… it left a smoke trail!
This is the first time I can remember in over 14 years that we have had a smoke trail that was visible, at night, for over 20 minutes.
This first image is from allsky1, which is a low light camera with wide angle lens that takes 80 second exposures.

I went in and collect a couple of images before and all of the ones after that showed the trail, and made this animated .GIF second image:
Note the smoke trail that starts at the location of the meteor and drifts down and left over the next 20 minutes.

Even better yet… Allsky2 also captured the event:
It is a low light video camera taking many frames per second and then analyzing for motion in realtime.
Analyzing its video of the event showed the rock coming up from the south, heading north.