The allsky1 camera system went back into operation on Monday 2017 March 20th, after almost a month of down time.
We had been running the camera system bare, naked to the world, for a year or so and finally, water had gotten into the lens. The last month has been a time of drying out and getting a new, small 4″ dome to protect it against the weather.
The black poly around is a local light shield, from neighbours lighting.
The dome does smear the image a little more than without, but will still show a fireball if it sees one.

On the bad news side, there is frost forming inside and we will have to add a small heater (probably a small resistor).
In the past this system had a 12″? dome with a lot more cubic volume of air to heat and a much larger dome surface area to radiate that heat, so this small one should require a lot less power to keep clear.