Another long day, but the skies had cleared and KAON ran a little late. Managed to get the observatory open on this, the Opposition of Jupiter around 22:42 EDT Saturday night.

There were some pointing and tracking issues, then two alignments and then we had some good imaging. Seeing and transparency were both poor. The almost full moon was close by as well.

In the end about 32 imaging runs were completed. I noticed that after the roof is opened, focusing done and image runs start, the focus tends to change. I suspect the telescope is cooling to outside ambient, even if only -5 or -10C relative. At the end of the runs, I refocused for the final image and it turned out to be pretty good, relatively speaking.

And there are still spots on the optics, even more than before the last cleaning! Luckily seeing was so bad that the image bounced around a lot, and did not allow the optical spots to stay in one place for long.

Packed it in around 00:33 as mine eyes would not stay open anymore. Still trying to catch up on rest since then.

No GRS.. it would not transit until 4 hours later. Which means it was just about to appear when I packed it in!

None of the 4 moons were close enough to appear in the frame.

Jupiter was 39 deg high approx 44.3 arc seconds large and close enough to transit that staying up for another 30 minutes would not have made that much difference (at least thats what I keep telling myself!).

Azimuth was 167 degrees and it would have transited (180 degree) at 01:04 . If I am doing my math correctly (and correct me if I am wrong), 180-167=13 deg. cosine of 13 deg= 0.974

So I figure there would be about 3% less atmosphere to look though if I had waited until transit.