After an annoying hockey game last(Monday) night (Boston lost), I attempted some imaging of Jupiter. After 30 minutes of attempting to obtain a successful alignment, i said nasty words and attempted three imaging runs, manually guiding for each of 30 sec, 30 sec and 120 sec. The telrad is still broken… sitting here at my desk awaiting some rewiring (I hope only rewiring!).

Just as the first run started, clouds had snuck in from the South. In any event, the GRS is apparent and these are the same registax wavelet settings as last time (even though I said I would reduce them a touch… haven’t gotten to that yet).

Apparent diameter is still sitting around 44 arcseconds and altitude was 33 degrees.

Also of note at 21:43 EDT I happened to look up to see *something* flaring brightly (brighter than Jupiter), overhead like an Iridium flare.. slow moving, I caught it near peak flare and then it faded quickly… only Heaven’s above did not list any. I then searched out all satellites but did not see a likely candidate.

Will have to check the main observatory clock against reference sources as well as the computers themselves to see if all are on the same time page as it were.