The Tardis Observatory was reno’d last weekend in the form of removing x6 4″ rubber/poly wheels, flipping the L angle iron to an inverted V, and adding in x4 inverted V wheels, each rated at 300kgs.
The issue was the wheels were not moving in straight lines, sometimes running off the track on either side. In addition there was a lot of friction and it made the building hard to move.
And in the winter, moving the building involved a lot of shovelling of the tracks.

Now, with these new inverted metal wheels on metal, snow issues should be a thing of the past, as should the wandering of the wheels on the track… they are now on a very straight rail.

Even though the 4 wheels can support 4x300kg=1200kgs, we will be adding another two wheels. Not so much for the load, but more for better support across the base of the building. If it helps reduce the rolling friction due to a lesser load on each wheel, so much the better.